Employee Shift Scheduling and Time tracking

Employee shift planning and scheduling software helps managers to create, keep track and easily manage of employees’ schedules efficiently. Templates, Algorithms are created for effecient planning how saves you a lot of time and manual work. 

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Use existing templates or create new ones yourself and save time in scheduling

Employee planning

Schedule employee shift at the right place of work and at the right time

Data Analytic - KPI

Track and make data-based decisions with a one click

Workplace planning

Possibility to specify working time of a specific workplace for a specific day or time period


Enter the absences that will be automatically sent to the central system

Actual hours

Possibility to indicate the hours actually worked by an employee on a given day

Schedule tables

Send work schedule tables to an employee at any times

Report Export

Reports on the employee time plan and fact can be prepared at any time

Structural unit tree

Get full insight of what is happening in the company in on 3 department levels

Scheduling, so easy!​

Timebe automates the manual process of creating schedules. Employee shift planning software provides an opportunity to quickly and accurately record working time, plan overtime and shifts, make it more comfortable to re-plan and approve schedules of employees in real-time, create absences, as well as specify the hours actually worked, which are automatically transferred to accountants for further calculation of salaries.

Based on the data, during planning it is possible to analyse totals by workplaces and departments. Software is appropriate for public sector organisations, as well as for medium and large group companies.

Manage employee workload in real time

Save time and exclude manual work

Create and edit shifts for everyone

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We are Timebe – IT developement company based in Latvia, who are dealing with process automation of HR management.


  • Templates
  • Workplace planning
  • Employee planning
  • Data Analytic - KPI
  • Schedule tables
  • Absence
  • Actual hours
  • Report Export
  • Structural unit tree