Timebe is automated software for efficient employee scheduling and cost control, developed specifically for manufacturing and retail companies.

Online scheduling software and web app will save your time and costs. Employee time cloud service will be available 24/7 and managed remotely on the client side, ensuring that you get exactly what is needed in every office or location around world.

timebe employee scheduling software

Automated Employee Scheduling with one click

Automated employee scheduling whit Templates and Algorithms.

Data Analytic and Control 24/7

With 15 different KPI’s Timebe helps to control budget, schedules and workload.

Boost productivity

Staff scheduling process is handled in a simplified way. No need for extra file usage, all the information is stored in one place.

Employee schedule Templates

Special Templates and Algorithms are created for efficient shift employee scheduling. It automates the manual process of creating schedules and thus helps to reduce mistakes as well as saves time for schedule manager.

Employee scheduling Templates
online scheduling

Scheduling can be performed by employee or by workplace

Possibility to specify working time of a specific workplace and to schedule an employee at a specific workplace for a specific day or time period. 

15 different KPI’s. Keep track of schedule and control budget

Operational information is available of the costs and the workload of the staff as well as the budget in order to HR manager, CEO and schedule maker get full insight of what is happening in the company in on 3 department levels.

Scheduling App
timebe scheduling software integrated with dynamics 365

Integrate Timebe into the tools you already use

Timebe simplifies your work. Integration with MS Dynamics AX system excludes manual work necessary to enter working time schedules into Excel tables and then re-write them in the central system. It can also be integrated with any other system. Besides, you can customize the software to fit your business size and integrate it with several business applications.

And so much more benefits...

Software complies with legislation

Data processing complies with the requirements of the legislation

Your Data is Safe with Us

We follow IT industry security standards

Integration with any ERP system

Data exchange with the ERP system is automated

Costumer Support 24/7

We’re here to help! Ask us anything, Customer support is available 24/7

You will reduce the costs of software implementation

Our development team has been working on the Timebe software since 2017

Possibility to save the working time spent on scheduling

Possibility to scheduling working time centrally for more than 1,000 people

Reports on the schedule can be prepared at any time

Possibility to get to know about the current schedule and the fact at any time

All the functions for scheduling are already programmed

It is possible to improve and customise the existing solution at a faster time

Improve employee productivity with Timebe!
Head of Department 89%
HR 84%
CEO 86%

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MBIT and Investment and Development Agency of Latvia on June 30th, 2021 signed agreement No VP-L-2021/53, which incorporates the project “Technology transfer program” that is co-financed by European Regional Development Fund. As part of the project, MBIT is developing an experimental prototype of the Timebe software, which includes the latest technologies and automated algorithms for solving employee shift scheduling tasks.

We are Timebe – IT developement company based in Latvia, who are dealing with process automation of HR management.